[Season 5]

Dr. Angelique Taylor’s Tech Odyssey – Episode 067

In this enlightening episode of the Modern Figures Podcast, co-hosts Dr. Jeremy Waisome and Dr. Kyla McMullen engage in a rich conversation with Dr. Angelique Taylor, a shining example of Black women’s excellence in computing. Dr. Taylor’s inspiring journey, from her early fascination with technologies to spearheading research in AI and healthcare robotics, offers listeners profound insights into the world of cutting-edge technological innovation.
Dr. Taylor shares her path from community college to a thriving career in academia, providing an intimate look at her personal and professional growth. Her narrative is filled with pivotal moments, from the stark transition to predominantly white institutions to the cultural adaptations required while ascending her academic career. The episode encapsulates Dr. Taylor’s tenacity, highlighting her pursuit of impactful research and the significance of building strong communities, particularly amongst Black women in computing.

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“Go Tell that Man You want to go to Grad school” – Episode 066

In this episode, Dr. Jessica N. Jones shares her experience of starting the “CodeIT Day” program at Clemson University, which aimed to introduce middle school students to computer science. She discusses the importance of representation in the field and the impact of culturally relevant pedagogy. The conversation also touches on the transition to the University of Florida and the shift in lab dynamics. Plus, there’s a hilarious discussion about “Wizgate” with a surprise guest from a previous Modern Figures episode. Join in as they reminisce about their time in the lab and the unique culture they created.

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Season 5 Opener – Episode 065

Get ready ‘cause we’re kicking off Season 5 with 2 very special guests – hosts of the Modern Figures podcast – Dr. Jeremy Waisome and Dr. Kyla McMullen! Listen as they spill the beans on their quest to conquer the world of research – and they’re tackling it with a consortium focused on Black women and girls in computing. They even dish about wrestling with AI language models like Chat GPT and the wild world of ethical considerations. They’re tackling the resignation of Harvard’s prez, Dr. Claudine Gay, and the unique hurdles faced by Black academic leaders. Join the conversation on the work we’re doing and what we have next in the pipeline!

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