Welcome to the Mushroom Queendom – Episode 071


Episode 71 – Welcome to the Mushroom Queendom

Hosts: Dr. Jeremy Waisome & Dr. Kyla McMullen

Guest: Dr. Shana T. Bryant


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Episode Description:

In this episode of Modern Figure’s podcast, Dr. Jeremy Waisome and Dr. Kyla McMullen interview Shana T. Bryant, an executive producer at Oculus Game Publishing. Shana shares her journey in the gaming industry, from her early passion for video games to her diverse roles in companies like EA and Microsoft. She discusses the importance of communication and teamwork in game development and challenges the notion of the “gamer” identity. Shana also delves into the lack of diversity in the industry and the slow progress being made. Join the conversation and be inspired by Shana’s insights and experiences in the world of gaming.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shana T. Bryant’s passion for video games started at a young age, and she always knew she wanted to make video games, despite her mother’s initial skepticism.
  • The gaming industry is a collaborative field that requires various disciplines, including artists, engineers, designers, and testers, to work together to create a game.
  • Soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, are crucial in the gaming industry and can greatly impact a person’s career growth. • QA testing plays a vital role in game development, ensuring that games meet the standards set by major platforms and providing valuable feedback to improve the user experience.
  • Shana highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry, advocating for representation and equal opportunities for underrepresented groups.

Shana’s Bio:-::

Producer and 21-year industry veteran, Shana T. Bryant has had a hand in crafting some of your favorite videogames (and might’ve even canceled a few!). From Devil May Crys and Resident Evils to Outer Worlds and even HoloLens, Shana has produced and developed profound experiences, spanning generations of platforms, genres, and media. Shana is a published author and avid comic artist, expounding ideas with a spoonful of charm and a touch of snark. Her literary contributions include Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins (2018, edited by Tanya DePass) and Women in Games: 100 Professionals of Play (2018, edited by Meagan Marie). She won’t stop talking about inclusivity in design, and she mentors on career management for underrepresented professionals. Shana is a steering committee member of the International Game Developer Association’s Women in Games SIG and supports Black in Gaming. She is also a director on the Board of Trustees at Art Bias, a non-profit artist co-op that seeks to promote art and artists in the Bay Area.