The Chic Geek – Episode 041

Modern Figures ep41 cover V2

Episode 41 – The Chic Geek

Host: Dr. Jeremy Waisome & Dr. Kyla McMullen

Guest: Dr. France Jackson


Episode Description: Dr. France Jackson shares her journey from being the “smart girl” in elementary school to a PhD student working within the intersection of fashion and design-centered culture. She shares why authenticity can be a competitive advantage and how curating experiences has become a lucrative career.


France’s Bio –

Dr. France Jackson received her Ph.D. from the University of Florida in Human-Centered Computing (HCC) in 2018. Her undergraduate degrees in Industrial Engineering are from Clemson University. As a user-experience researcher and designer, her graduate research focused on creating immersive experiences at the cross-section of technology and popular culture including; fashion, gaming, and media. For her dissertation, she applied a female-driven user-centered design process to the development of three fashionable and socially acceptable wearable brain-computer interface (BCI) devices.