Lessons from a 14 Year Old Tech Boss – Episode 019


Episode 19 – Lessons from a 14-year old Tech Boss

Hosts: Dr. Jeremy Waisome & Dr. Kyla McMullen

Guest: Moria Bowman

Zinger Website – Zinger App


At 14 years of age, Jeremy and Kyla couldn’t have imagined being the CEO of a tech company. Today’s guest, Moria Bowman, has been working on businesses since she was 10! Growing up in an entrepreneurial family inspires her drive to create and sustain her companies. But she has no plans to involve her other siblings. As a homeschooler, her time is a bit more flexible than other kids her age. This gives Moria time to invest in her company. Zinger, is a ride-share app designed to protect its users from danger. Listen in and more about this young tech boss and what she’s doing to improve safety on the road.