BlackTechUnplugged Crossover Episode – Episode 056

Season 3 (1)

Episode 56 – BlackTechUnplugged Crossover Episode

Hosts: Dr. Jeremy Waisome & Dr. Kyla McMullen

Guest: Deena McKay




Episode Description:

Welcome to our crossover episode with Deena McKay, a technologist, speaker, and host of the podcast, Black Tech Unplugged. Listen to this Certified Scrum Master as she educates us on her journey to the tech field, how ashy feet made her pivot and her motivation for launching the Black Tech Unplugged podcast.

Deena’s Bio-

Deena McKay is the founder and host of the podcast, Black Tech Unplugged. Black Tech Unplugged is a podcast that highlights Blacks who innovate and work in the tech industry. Deena started Black Tech Unplugged as a way for Blacks to see people who looked like them in the tech industry. She also wanted to share tips and advice for those trying to get into the industry.